Tyler Rocheleau
Tyler RocheleauPublic Relations & Founder
Maki Ling and I have had several business ventures in our lives, but we’ve finally stumbled across something that will last. Inept Creations isn’t just a digital media business, it’s a representation of Maki and I. We hope to express ourselves and our capabilities through our work, and continue to push ourselves to new limits. Although Inept Creations is young, we’re just getting started.
Maki Ling
Maki LingArts Coordinator & Founder
Since 5th grade, Tyler Rocheleau has been my best friend. From that point on, we have had several small business ideas, but none of them were taken seriously. Now we are here, except I think that Inept Creations has potential. My part in the company is to provide all your creative needs and manage the technical aspect of the company.

Our Valuable Team Members

Romar Tongol
Romar TongolAdvertising Director
I feel everyone is into art. As a child I fell in love with art immediately. My first interest was music then visual arts, such as photography. What got me into art was the way it makes you feel. Once I realized art was my passion, I wanted to make it my career. Later on, when I met my good friends and associates Maki Ling and Tyler Rocheleau, I had a strong belief in what they were doing. I enjoyed their work and had to be part of the action. So, I joined the team as Advertising Director. As advertising director, I expose the company and help spread our art.
Cristobal & Laura Silva
Cristobal & Laura SilvaSupporters
Cristobal and Laura, both professional photographers, have taken time out of their busy life to help and support us with our time-lapse video “The Night” We can’t thank them enough as they are good-hearted ¬†individuals with good values who deserve a lot.
Joseph Shain
Joseph ShainWeb Advisor
With 16 years of web development, Joseph helps maintain Inept Creation’s website by providing hosting and creative guidance.